Best bookmakers for horse racing betting

How do you bet on horses? To be blunt, it is not as simple and accommodating as going to iLottery online, making full use of the bonus codes, and relying on your luck for your winnings. This doesn’t work because betting on horses isn’t anything like playing the lottery. What does work is diving deep into the world of horse races, and learn, step by step, how to recognize winners and losers, and how to place your bets the smart way.

Speaking of betting the smart way, you can’t just place a bet with a first bookie you come across. You have to do a little bit of research. You have to know where to look in terms of good conditions, reliability and flexibility. This is why we’ve put together a humble, but handy-dandy list of bookmakers you should keep an eye on.


For the past several years, doing any type of gambling research without coming across bet365 has been high impossible. This is understandable, as bet365 has their eyes on many a gambling event, and have proven themselves trustworthy. Furthermore, there are some perks, one of which is BOG, or Best Odds Guaranteed, which means that bet365 presents you with the best odds possible, and, in turn, more value for your money. Their horse races focus mostly on the British Isles, but you can find races from the other parts of the world as well.


The reason many punters choose Betfair as their go-to bookie, is that they offer live streaming of the horse races, and give you the option of not only betting on the winner, but on the outcome as well. Let us explain – people usually bet on which horse is going to win, but if you happen to have a feeling about the position a certain horse is going to finish the race in, you can bet on it. Every punter will tell you that Betfair is one of the best and most reliable when it comes to horse races.


Coral offers a wide selection of races each and every single day, and not just from the UK, but in the USA, South Africa and Australia as well. Similar to bet365 and Betfair, they provide their punters with a live-streaming service and Best Odds Guaranteed. Additionally, it has some interesting promotions, like giving you your money back in some special circumstances. The minimum bet is exactly one pound.


Here, you are in for a treat. Ladbrokes offer virtual racing and exchange betting. Their offers might not be much when compared to other bookies, but what they lack there they make up for in information. Ladbrokes was originally a couple of agents that represented race horses, and has always had remarkable insight regarding the horses’ pedigrees.


What separates this bookie from the others is the superb quality of its international streaming services. They are very accommodating when it comes to customer satisfaction, as they will return your money at the drop of a hat if your horse falls, refuses to race, or just doesn’t appear at the track.