How to Become a Horse Racing Trainer – A Quick Guide

Some people want to become football stars and guides on how to become that are quite easy to find. You simply go to a local football club and start practicing, while also doing a lot of work outside the field, to improve your skills, fitness, and more. 

What about horse racing? Not everyone knows how to become better at being a horse racing trainer, let alone how you get into horse racing. Following is a simple guide to becoming a horse racing trainer.

Get Informed – There is a Lot of Paperwork Involved

Prior to getting a license, you have to get a lot of things done, like get a couple of stamps and diplomas. You get those by finishing various courses which have to do with management, financing, not to mention horse care and management. There are plenty of things to learn, prior to actually getting a horse racing trainer’s license. That also depends on the country you live in. Before you go to a local horse stable and track to attempt any sort of training and learning, you need to get your paperwork straight.

Attend the Right Formal Courses

While you must attend some formal courses, they might not give you the necessary knowledge on how to handle some situations, as you might expect. Formal knowledge and education is often just a stepping stone which can point you in the right direction and give you a general sense of what you need to do. After you attend the correct courses and learn what you have to do, you should apply for a license.

A Trainer’s License – Or is It?

In some countries, like the UK, getting a trainer’s license is impossible without first having 5 years of amateur training experience, for which you also need a license. This is a pretty big blow to anybody who hoped to earn money from being a horse racing trainer in the UK. Other countries have other laws, which you should check out if you want to do things right and not get lost in the paperwork.

Life After a License – Training and Winning

Once you get a license, you have a lot of work to do, as you did not have it prior to getting a license. Your day will most likely start very early, with you inspecting the horses and getting them ready for a day of training. 

Your day will be long and you will need to have lots of strategies on how to choose the right horses and then train them in the best possible way, not to mention the right choosing the right riders.

Becoming a horse racing trainer is a long and grueling journey, which takes lots of time in general, as well as during a working day. Enduring all of that is important, if you want to be a horse racing trainer and enjoy the work. Read about the necessary paperwork required for you to become a horse racing trainer in your country and start your journey. Have patience.