The Top 10 Horse Racing Tracks in the World

People love to watch horse racing. It is exciting, fast and often very dramatic. Some races last for less than 2 minutes. Even with that, there is a lot of energy surrounding horse racing. It is one of the older forms of competition and is also closely tied to sports betting. Yes, horse racing and sports betting go hand in hand. People who watch horse racing find it normal to bet on their favorite horse and jockey. People bet on every large competition, like the Kentucky Derby or the Royal Ascot races 2019. But, with that in mind, not every fan of horse racing knows which are the best horse racing tracks in the world. Some are familiar with a couple of the more popular ones, yet there are quite a few which are not as popular, but every bit as breathtaking.

Here are the best horse racing tracks in the world.

Churchill Downs – Kentucky

Opened in 1875, this is the home of the Kentucky Derby. There isn’t much you can say about this historic racetrack other than it is fast and exciting. People watching or visiting the Kentucky Derby always come back with a smile on their face (unless they lose a bet).

Tokyo Racecourse – Japan

Given that it is called the Tokyo Racecourse, you can only guess that it is located in Japan. If you are ever on that side of the planet, and the Japan Cup is being held, do not hesitate to visit.

Ascot – England

Ascot is one of those legendary racetracks. Ascot hosts the Royal Ascot tournament, which often sees royalty as a part of the audience. If you get a seat near the royals, you will have to wear something formal, very formal.

Epsom Downs – England

Epsom Downs is a very old racetrack, quite the opposite of the Meydan. It was built in 1661. It hosts the Epsom Derby, another popular tournament.

Meydan – Dubai

This race track is one of the newer ones, opened in 2010. It hosts the Dubai World Cup and is currently the world’s longest race track. If you want to see longer races, this is the racetrack to visit.

Longchamp – France

This racetrack is also famous for hosting the Arc, or rather the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. It is of course in France. It was opened in 1857 and is among the world’s most breathtaking race tracks.

Santa Anita – California

The Santa Anita Derby is popular for many reasons, most recently a plethora of horse deaths, but prior to that, an amazing race track. It is one of the most beautiful racetracks in the world.

Flemington – Australia

Flemington is a racetrack that hosts Australia’s largest horse racing tournament, the Melbourne Cup. It is located in Melbourne and is one of the most popular race tracks, especially during the Melbourne Cup.

The Saratoga Racecourse – New York

This racetrack hosts the Travers Stakes and has been around since 1883. It is one of the older racetracks, and while not as old as its English siblings, it still has over 100 years.

Aintree – England

Near Liverpool, you can find the Aintree racecourse, which hosts the Grand National. It was opened in 1829. Annually, it hosts the Grand National.

These are the 10 best racetracks in the world any fan of horse racing should visit.